What is a Nature Table?

A nature table or seasonal table can be whatever you want it to be.  Simple or elaborate.  The important aspect is that the child is able to connect with the objects and the scene depicted on the table.  Generally, the scene will be related to the current season or an upcoming festival or holiday.  The nature table is often the focal point of a Waldorf kindergarten classroom with the scene on the table directly related to the day's activities. 

A nativity scene for the Christmas season.  Each day our children add to the scene until it's completed on Three Kings Day. 

A nature table is meant to be played with.

This castle scene is the work of the children.

This scene is by a local Waldorf teacher.

Nothing is a better, soothing, more joyful activity than to bring home bits and pieces of a day's adventure or walk and place it on the table as a celebration of that day or season, or all. Lovely things are available for nature table decoration, and you can make many things as well; small dolls, gems, crystals, roving fairies, bits of found feather or sea shore shells, pebbles, cloths, branches and flowers, or candles in the colors of the seasons. Our table was always changing and always drew the children to it directly upon coming home, inspired them when out and about, or indirectly made them aware of the time of year or holiday just by it's existance in our home. A wonderful connectedness results between child, the outer and inner world, rhythms, and family by this simple easily incorporated lovely ritual.  -- Lynn at Seasons Natural Toys.

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