Nature Tables and Children's Toys will be closing in late 2016 or early 2017.

I started this website in 1997 after making several tables for local teachers and parents. It's grown over the years adding two more table designs, Playstands, a Doll Cradle, Rocking Boat, Drying racks and Painting Boards, Paint Trays, and One Leg Stools. For awhile there was even a Toy Box. Several other custom items were made for both local and internet customers.

It's been a good run. But now it's time to start shutting it down. Several things have conspired to this end, among them: The quality of the available wood has further declined to where I'm lucky to find anything suitable for making the larger drying racks. Shipping costs have increased such that several of my products became priced higher than people were willing to pay. That caused sales of those products to drop to a level where it was no longer reasonable to maintain stock and they have already been discontinued. And not the least of which is that I have other interests competing for my time.

As I write this in May 2016, I have a few of the remaining items in stock. I have wood for another run of drying racks and material for a run of painting boards. These will be completed in time for the annual start of school rush. I'll try to make additional drying racks for as long as I have painting boards available, if I can find good wood. I'll keep this page updated to reflect stock levels.

I'd like to thank everyone who has purchased my items. To my repeat customers, thank you for your loyalty. To first time customers, thanks for trusting me to deliver.


I have closed the site as of Jan 15, 2017.

I can still be contacted at
  Belladonna in Cradle