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(AK/HI+Canada and other international customers please read this.) will be closing in late 2016 or early 2017.

I started this website in 1997 after making several tables for local teachers and parents. It's grown over the years adding two more table designs, Playstands, a Doll Cradle, Rocking Boat, Drying racks and Painting Boards, Paint Trays, and One Leg Stools. For awhile there was even a Toy Box. Several other custom items were made for both local and internet customers.

It's been a good run. But now it's time to start shutting it down. Several things have conspired to this end, among them: The quality of the available wood has further declined to where I'm lucky to find anything suitable for making the larger drying racks. Shipping costs have increased such that several of my products became priced higher than people were willing to pay. That caused sales of those products to drop to a level where it was no longer reasonable to maintain stock and they have already been discontinued. And not the least of which is that I have other interests competing for my time.

As I write this in May 2016, I have a few of the remaining items in stock. I have wood for another run of drying racks and material for a run of painting boards. These will be completed in time for the annual start of school rush. I'll try to make additional drying racks for as long as I have painting boards available, if I can find good wood. I'll keep this page updated to reflect stock levels.

I'd like to thank everyone who has purchased my items. To my repeat customers, thank you for your loyalty. To first time customers, thanks for trusting me to deliver.


Current Stock levels as of Sept 2:

I only have a few racks left, around half a dozen of each size.  I recently received a large order for just racks which I had to cancel because it exceeded the number on hand.  In fareness to those who want to order board and rack sets and to manage my remaining inventory, I've removed the option to purchase racks without boards.  Racks are presently only available in a set with boards.  I apologize for this, but I simply can't predict when I'll be able to make more racks.

Lots of Painting Boards, Stools and Doll Cradles are still available.

Additionally, there are a few Paint Trays that were returned by a school that decided not to use them. Email if interested.

Painting Boards and Drying Racks

Drying Rack and Painting Boards
20 slot drying rack.  Available separately or as a set of 20 boards and a rack.  The painting boards are made from 1/8" thick tileboard and are 15" wide by 21" long with rounded corners.  The drying rack is made from southern yellow pine and is 27" high by 7" wide.  It mounts to the wall with 4 screws or wall anchors (supplied).  Ideal for the classroom with limited space.  Purchased individually, the Painting Boards are $8.00 each.  The Drying Rack is $29.00.  A set of 20 painting boards and a drying rack is $179.00.  If purchasing a drying rack for painting boards that you already have, please check them for compatibility

15 slot drying rack.  This drying rack is identical to the one above except for its length (20") and number of slots.  Perfect for the smaller classroom.  Or for the large classroom, where more than 20 slots are needed, you can use 2 side by side.  The 15 slot Drying Rack is $26.00.  A set of 15 painting boards and a 15 slot drying rack is $138.50. 

10 slot drying rack.  For the small classroom, this drying rack is 15" high.  The 10 slot Drying Rack is $24.00.  A set of 10 painting boards and a 10 slot drying rack is $99.00. 


Half-Size Painting Boards

Due to a miscommunication on a custom order I have 16 half-size painting boards available. These boards are 15" x 10.4". If you only work with paper no wider than 8.5" these would be ideal. There are 16 available and this is an all or nothing one time deal. $60, shipping included. Please email for ordering instructions.


Doll Cradle

Doll Cradle
Finished with natural bee's wax provided by local bees, I've kept it simple.  What more is there to say?  Outside dimensions are 18" long by 12" wide at the top.  Inside it's about 16 1/2" long by 6 3/4" wide at bottom.  Price:  $37.00.


One Legged Stool

One Leg Stool

Are your children leaning back in their chairs to balance on the rear legs?  These one legged stools will give them something to balance on without leaning back, reducing the risk of tipping over backwards.  Made from unfinished southern yellow pine and/or fir.  Originally done as a custom item for a Waldorf teacher.  Stools are available in four heights: 12" and 14" are $23 each, 16" is $24 and 18" is $24.50. 

The 14" stool is the standard size suitable for most children.  The 16" size is intended for larger children and some adults, with the 18" for taller adults.  The 12" size is being provided as a convenience to those that know they will need a shorter stool.  Heights are measured from the floor to the top of the stool. 

How to pick the right size stool for a child.

If you intend to purchase 10 or more stools, please email for special pricing.



Please click on Notes for more information on the construction and ordering of these items.

Email me at  I try to respond to emails and acknowledge orders quickly, usually the same day.  If you don't receive a response from me in a reasonable time, please email again as there's a good chance that the first email went astray.  Sometimes PayPal order notifications get lost so if I don't personally acknowledge your order, please try to contact me.  But don't re-order, that might create a duplicate.  Unfortunatly, email has been getting more and more flakey with all the spam problems, so if my main email address just refuses to work for you try

If you would like to make some changes or suggest a new item, please let me know. I'm always interested in new ideas and ways to improve on existing designs.

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